My name is Lauren and I'm the dreamer behind this business.

Photography started off as something I simply wanted to explore because I enjoyed it, and I came to love it more than any other creative outlet I’ve tried. With each photograph I take I aim to convey love, passion, joy, warmth, and honesty. I want to capture the essence of you.

You may have noticed that my photos don’t exactly have one particular “look” - I believe that to be truly creative you must do things out of the ordinary, mix it up, stand out. And that is why no two shoots of mine will ever be the same. I specifically tailor my work to reflect my clients’ unique personalities, so it matches THEM - not “my feed.” While it’s true that I do stick to certain tones & I do have my personal style and preferences - I stay flexible and unafraid to branch out and test my creative boundaries and that’s something I take pride in.

Now about me personally… It’s quite hard for me to describe myself; but I’m known to be warm, funny, and easy going. I have a strong faith which will always come first in my life, and I try to live by principles such as treating people how I would like to be treated + giving to others however/wherever I can. I love exploring, educating myself and being with my best friend (also known as my husband).

I really enjoy...

  • making & designing anything arty (you'll find me in the DIY section on youtube)
  • music & dancing - seriously could not live without
  • flowers and flower fields! (you'll notice this in my photography)
  • dreamy sunsets (especially the ones where the sky looks like fairy floss), misty mornings + chasing waterfalls
  • deep, meaningful conversation

I'd rather not...

  • talk about myself (this whole "about me" page nearly didn't exist haha... no seriously)
  • go on a car trip longer than an hour *alone*...where's the fun in that?
  • have cockroaches or wasps in the world - just no
  • have a late night, this girl loves her sleep
  • use my flash - natural light chaser over here!